Pledged Gold


Is your gold with a bank, NBFC or any Pawn broker shop? Stop worrying! we help you to “Release your Pledged Gold” and Sell your gold @ Highest price in the market.

To close your gold loan get your gold released , you need to bring the pledge receipt given to you by the gold loan provider

Procedure to Release Pledged Gold

Step: 1

We collect the pledged details from the customer. (Name of the bank, weight of ornaments, number of month in Pledged, Interest paid details, customer KYC)

Step: 2

The approximate value of the gold after deduction of paid amount for releasing gold will be disclosed to the customer.

Step: 3

Based on customer confirmation, we will visit the location along with the customer.

Step: 4

Pay the necessary amount to release the pledged gold to the pledged company/bank/pawn broker shop /NBFC

Step: 5

Purity of the pledged gold will be checked at our office, to complete the evaluation. 100% purity checking method using German device with latest XRF technology right in front of customer with full transparency.

Step: 6

We, Elite Gold gives special advantage to the customers’ is that you can keep your favourite jewellery back with you from the released gold. If paid released amount has lesser than sale value (Instead of getting money, customers can retain their ornaments)

Step: 7

We will pay the difference amount to the customer through cash/ IMPS/RTGS/NEFT.

Documents Required to Release Pledged Gold

  • Bank passbook / pledged card or Pawn Ticket
  • A valid ID Proof
  • A valid and latest Address Proof
  • Passport size photo